Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Get It Started...

OK. Today is the day. I know all of my followers are anxiously awaiting a post
(insert the sound of crickets here).

About me:
Happily married for 8.5 years (I had to do math for that one)
One Step-Spawn daughter. She refers to me as Step-Monster. Or just Monster.
Three cats that run our house.
One grandpuppy.
I love pizza.
I am dimensionally challenged.
I love to cook but hate to bake.
I loathe vacuums and washing dishes.
I love the garden, but tend to kill things if I touch them. Hubby is the gardener.
I love green and all shades of mud. My house decor proves it.
My favorite days are partly cloudy.
I am an artist, illustrator, and Photo Humorist.
I collect odd bits.
I love to thrift, junk, antique, garage sale...whatever you call it these days.

Welcome to my Wide Weird World.

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