Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Back.

Whoa! I haven't been here for a while.


My project was picked up by a venue for ArtPrize, a local competition here in Grand Rapids, MI open to any artist in the world. I was an avid observer last year and decided to enter this year. Unfortunately, there were some timing and technical difficulties between my venue and I, so we were unable to get the "connection" in by the deadline. So, I am not officially "in" ArtPrize, but the venue is still showing my piece. So that will be fun!

Also, it looks like I am back in the portrait photo biz. I had a photo studio 3 years ago and have since given it up to art direct full-time (yes, a desk job. I have been cubicled). I have started offering limited sessions due to high demand. The most recent sessions this week included a Medieval War fought with foam weapons and two adorable sisters. I may have to start a separate blog to share my normal photos. I really don't think a teenage girl would like to be posted as a "Whimsical Oddity".

C (spouse) and I are collaborating on The Sketchbook Project, a world-wide event where your completed sketchbook goes on tour ultimately ending up in the permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library. There are several themes to choose from for your sketchbook--we chose "Raining Cats and Dogs". Having 3 cats certainly feels like it's raining cats at our house!

So stay tuned to hear more about my ArtPrize piece! It is categorized as a Whimsical Oddity-- more details soon!

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